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How we work: and our network of health care sites receive over 500,000 unique visitors every month, representing people across the US in search of home care for themselves and their loved ones. Our visitors find our site by searching in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing and utilize many of our online services such as free care plans, home care guides and financial aid resources.

Once a visitor reaches our site, they can search for local home care agencies or complete a questionnaire describing their needs. We qualify that information in real time and match the visitor's profile with a home care provider in our network.

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Q: What is a lead?

A:  A lead is a single consumer making a formal inquiry for senior, in-home care either for themselves or an aging loved one.  Click Here to view an example of a sample lead

Q: How many leads can I expect?

A: The demand in each market varies greatly. will provide you with full lead information (click here to see a sample lead)  for all consumers who are searching for service within a radius of your business location that you define.

Q: How much will I be charged per lead?

A: charges $20 per exclusive lead delivered.

Q: How do I pay for these leads?

A: currently accepts VISA and MasterCard.  When you register on our site a pre-pay charge of $100 is billed against your credit card.  This money is held in an escrow account.  Each time a lead is delivered, will subtract $20 from that escrow account.  Once the balance of that account reaches $0, will automatically charge an additional $100 to the credit card on file.

Q: Are there any guarantees?

A: Yes. guarantees that we will deliver a minimum of five (5) exclusive leads to you within 90 days of you registering with us.   If we fail to deliver the minimum number of leads, we will refund your money in total and will remove your company from our service at no additional charge.

Q: How will I receive leads from

A: All leads will be emailed, in real-time, to the address provided on the sign up form at

Q: Are the requests in my service area sold exclusively to me?

A: Yes. A lead that we acquire that meets your per-determined qualifications, and is within the chosen radius of your primary zip code will be sent to you and you alone. We do not sell "shared" leads of any kind.

Q: What if there are multiple providers within my service area?  Will I still receive exclusive leads? 

A: Yes. Our system automatically takes a round-robin approach to lead distribution and will only provide each lead to one particular provider.  We do not sell "shared" leads of any kind.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: has been providing new patient acquisition assistance for our clients in the Senior In-Home Care services space since June, 2009.

Q: How many people visit your site?

A: and the network of sites receive over 500,000 unique visitors every month - representing families across the US in search of senior in-home care for themselves and their aging loved ones.

Q: Can I see what the consumer sees?

A: Of course.  Simply visit, enter a zip code and walk through the questionnaire yourself.  When you are asked for contact information simply enter "test" as your first name and our filters will disqualify you as a valid lead so as not waste our existing client's time and money.

Q: Can I return a lead if I find that the contact information is incorrect?

A: Absolutely. Simply email any uncontactable leads directly to and your account will be refunded accordingly.

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